That Little Need

All we need is a little real affection,

Don’t make us any substitution.

All we need is a person to talk,

To hold his hand and go for a walk.

All we need is someone who will take us seriously,

And will make us rise and treat specially.

All we need is a person who will listen,

Without being judgmental, will give an easy solution.

All we need is person who will love us back,

Who will make us smile and won’t let the mind off the track.

All we need is a person with whom you can be all your own,

Who will kiss you on your forehead and will make you his own.

©Ria The Zinormous Canvas 2018



Leading a life being a science student is not always interesting.

Dealing with different compounds and databases everyday leads to boredom and monotony.

To break that monotony, I sometimes choose to focus on the “Lens” and set it to monochrome.

Yes, in the world of so many vibrant shades I like monochrome.

There are few photographs down below which I had clicked to break that boredom.

©Ria The Zinormous Canvas 2018



Days don’t matter, neither the time,

All that matters are the emotions behind.

If something doesn’t connect, it’s better to leave it for a while.

Let the system restart by itself,

The higher affinity group will automatically combine.

We all know that “everything will eventually fall into place” but when these type of condition comes to our life we tend to forget these things. Application part are always a bit difficult. But that’s fine. We all do fall in life. But the best part is, we do also know how to get up and dust ourselves and start running again.

©Ria The Zinormous Canvas 2018


‘Knowledge’ the Basic Need

Only just a week ago, my parents brought me a book which is a biography of teacher of Godly University ‘Bhrama Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa-Vidyalaya’, MAMA as known by her beloved students. I haven’t completed the book yet still its having a profound effect on my mind.

As a reader I do read a lot. I do read many different kinds of books from si-fi to fantasy to YAs to autobiographies, spiritual study books to self-help, classics, etc. I know that a good book is definitely going to leave a huge impact on the reader’s mind and the way the reader sees the world around itself and this book is no less. The way it has defined the need of knowledge to human is too good. So, thought to share this with you guys.

“Human life without knowledge bears no essence. Knowledge plays an extremely significant role in person’s all-round development. Knowledge disciplines a person’s intellectual power, making one virtuous and worthy citizen of the society. Knowledge allows one to go beyond limited desires and learn how to love nature and rest of the humanity.”

“Knowledge is the means through which a person achieves a goal.”

What I also think that knowledge should be fashion. Knowledge should be trend. It should be worn like an extremely expensive accessory by each and every human being specially for those who uses social media. Social media is huge platform for everyone to learn and promote so it should be used wisely.

Giving and sharing knowledge is a very good habit. If you already do this then don’t stop doing this ever. Don’t get offended if anyone called you nerd and weird. You must know that these are the adjectives which most people don’t get in front of their names. Be proud to have them. Just do remember one thing being different is actually a gift from nature. Always do celebrate your uniqueness.

©Ria The Zinormous Canvas 2018


Few lines for someone who is very special in my life who is my forever companion. Not just companion he is my support too. These few lines are very less to define him. Still wrote for him out of love from my heart.

When I am down,

He takes me up.

When I am sad,

He makes me laugh.

When I wanna dance,

He turns the music on.

When I don’t understand,

He makes me understand.

When I go mad,

He cools me down.

When I am afraid,

He stands by my side.

Whenever I need him, he’s always there;

No, no not my boyfriend, but my brother.

©Ria The Zinormous Canvas 2018


The days are passing by,
Still I am not able to realize
Should I be strong?
Should I stand high?

Everyone is asking to hope for the best,
But you know what,
I am shattered, I need some rest

They say in the end everything’s gonna be fine,
But this process is killing me up,
I am broken, I am not fine.

Where is my guardian angel?
Had he left me?
I’m yet not a grown up, I’m fragile
Please come and save me.

This reality is stabbing me hard,
I’m bleeding, I’m in pain
But still have a hope left in my heart,
That a day will come when I will be smiling again.

©Ria The Zinormous Canvas 2018

Take Time to Laugh

Take time to laugh, 

 It’s the music of the soul.

Take time to think, 

Its the source of power.

 Take time to read, 

Its the foundation of wisdom.

Take time to work,

It’s the price of success.

Take time to love and be loved,

Its a God given privilege.

I am not the writer of this beautiful poem but thought to share this beautiful creation cause it has the potential to have positive impact on the readers. 

Always remember that each and every day are blessings for us. Its a gift, better to say the best gift which is given to us every morning when we open our eyes that’s why it’s called “The Present”..

Make the best use of this beautiful gift..


The Ultimate Superheroes

Like most of the child, I was too a huge fan of Superheroes. I used to watch them a lot on my TV set. From Spiderman to Batman to Superman and not to forget the Indian superhero “Shaktimaan”. Each and every sunday, me and my brother used to watch Shaktimaan at 12pm sharp. We haven’t missed even a single episode of it. That one hour was our best hour. And after the end of the show we used to mimic him and act as if we do possess his superpowers. Both of us used to do that round and round thing that Shaktimaan used to do to make entry to the place of action. That’s the best part. I still remember the last episode that I had watched, how Shaktimaan fought the supervillain ”Germiman” who was most powerful of all the villains and had the power to spread germs throughout the country. Shaktimaan himself had got infected with it. But his Divine Mentor, who always used to motivate him, at that time blessed him and encouraged him not to give up. Then Shaktimaan with the power of meditation, which his mentor had taught him, activated all his Seven Chakras. He was then more powerful than ever. Then he just banged the Germiman…

The best part of the show was that, that Shaktimaan never ever gave up on anything and was very faithful to his duty towards the people whom he need to take care of and was always there by the side of his love ‘Geeta’. He used to love kids too and always inspired them to be a good human being and to lead a simple life even. I used to admire him a lot.

Sometimes even school do fail to teach us some big lessons of life which these one hour show make us learn…

You must be thinking that why am sharing another superheroes stories which is almost similar to the others out there, is not to make you introduce to Shaktimaan but to tell you something which I got to learn during those formative years of my life, which is that, that we all can be superheroes too, not by acquiring fighting skills but by never ever giving up. Problems will definitely going to come in your life in form of Supervillains. At that time just remember you are a superhero too and you are fully capable to defeat that supervillain. Only you are meant to do so. Your invisible divine mentor is always there by your side. He always comes in disguise to motivate you and bless you up, sometimes as your mother, sometimes as a friend of yours, sometimes in any other form, but he is always there to help up to bang that supervillain. Just have faith and believe in yourself which will going to stimulate the activation of the Seven Chakras which are 1- Power, 2- Purity, 3- Positivity, 4- Harmony, 5- Peace, 6- Truth, 7- Love. When they gets activated you can feel the most powerful feeling which is BLISS. Then definitely you will be able to defeat anything and achieve everything. And you must know that “Superhero isn’t a Noun. It’s a Verb.” Just never ever forget the power of Seven..

©Ria The Zinormous Canvas 2018

Picture taken from Pinterest

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